The Truth about the Black Church


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A methodical case is made against black megachurches, detailing how they’ve acted as predatory leaches on the Christian black community.
“You boast that you serve me, but in truth you serve your own ego,” says one person when asked about the role of megachurches.
Another person interviewed for the documentary points out that the gospel of prosperity is a complete fraud.
“The gospel of prosperity says once you accept God as your savior, you will become in his favor and whatever you touch will turn to gold. That’s a complete lie of the gospel,” he says.
Another point made in the documentary is that mega-churches take in 10 percent or more from parishioners, but don’t distribute that money back into the community. “If that were the case, Atlanta would not have a poverty issue,” one man says. Atlanta is, of course, home to two of the biggest megachurch hustlers of all time–Creflo Dollar Jr. and Eddie Lee Long.
The plague of mega-churches in the black community is striking when you consider alternative uses for tithes. Instead of paying for the pastor’s Maybach, some of the money in the black community could be used for venture capital to start black businesses, or to fund charities that help those who’ve been hit hardest by the economic downturn.
Now, however, instead of using black dollars to build the black community, mega-churches use those dollars to build a brand, which, if successful, is turned into a slush fund to finance the lavish lifestyles of megachurch pastors.

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