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Mandy Jenkins, an African American cook for a wealthy white family in Birmingham, Alabama, discovers her husband Cornell is having an affair with Eloise Jackson. When she confronts her husband and Eloise at a nightclub, a violent fight ensues. Eloise leaves Birmingham and relocates to Harlem, getting a job as a cabaret vocalist under the stage name Cora Smith. She is followed to Harlem by her husband, Lem, who gets mixed up in the local crime scene. Mandy also arrives in New York, having left Cornell. She gets a job as the wardrobe mistress at the cabaret where Eloise is performing. When Eloise breaks her leg during a drunken fall, Mandy is recruited as a last-minute substitute. - Adapted from Wikipedia.

Cast (IMDB): Cora Green as Amanda 'Mandy' Jenkins; Larry Seymour as Cornell Jenkins; Hazel Diaz as Eloise Jackson / Cora Smith; Alec Lovejoy as Lem Jackson / Big Jones; Amanda Randolph as Liza Freeman (as Mandy Randolph); Trixie Smith as Lucy; Carman Newsome as Ted Gregory; Nat Reed as Ted, Gregory's Assistant; Sammy Gardiner as Sammy, Gregory's Assistant; Dorothy Van Engle as Lena Powell; Doli Armena as Miss Watkins, a Trumpet Player; Columbus Jackson as A Hustler; George R. Taylor as Mr. Becker, Theatrical Backer; Leon Gross ; Consuelo Harris (as Miss Harris); Leon Gross & His Orchestra ; The Tyler Twins.

More Information:
IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0031999/
Internet Archive: http://archive.org/details/swing-1938
Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Swing!_(film)

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