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Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 2 of my Jeff Fort story was going to be about Fort and other El Rukn becoming the first American citizens convicted for conspiring to commit terrorist acts in this country on behalf of a foreign government. But, let's make a detour first, a detour into the corruption of the Illinois criminal justice system and the case of Nathson Fields.
April 1984, the Ida B. Wells Projects on 39th street on the South Side of Chicago. 2 men said to be members of the Goon Squad under the Black Gangster Disciple Nation are shot in the head in broad daylight by masked gunmen. The El Rukn are suspected.
By 1986 two men are convicted for the Goon Squad murders- Earl Hawkins and Nathson Fields. The are both sent to Death Row for being El Rukn hitmen and El Rukn itself is destroyed by Federal indictments in the coming years. But these two El Rukn's stories were just getting started.
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