Detroit Race Riot 1943


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This is story of the racial divide in the City of Detroit during the 1940's. In 1967 Detroiters were involved in a Civil disturbance caused by a raid on a Blind Pig. It was NOT a race riot, but the powers to be would rather show us as "nothing but trouble" so they made a movie about it. That Film was supposed to be partly filmed on my street, I questioned the site manager about why they weren't making one on the 1943 riot which, he confirmed that he knew about, but that the director (The Hurt Locker) wanted to shoot the 1967 civil disturbance (I saw whites and blacks in the streets looting) by the way.
This is my way of telling a story of hatred and racism that NEEDS to be told! The only riot that they want you to know about is the 1967 Civil disturbance.

Detroit was called the Arsenal of Democracy because we were a manufacturing town and we were already equipped to build vehicles and other war materials. Southern whites came here as well as the Black population who were also leaving the south due to southern prejudices towards them and Jim Crow. The KKK and the Black Legion were in the plants as foremen and there was always tension.

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