The Purpose Of The Search

Published 4 years ago

The one thing about the quest for knowledge is that one begin to slow down in that search and recognize within self the hum of connections or connected.

Since we all learn differently some ways of learning is more attractive to others a gravitation a pulling. Unfortunately sometimes with that gravitation some of us become stuck. Become one track minded and mind begin to close because only want to think one way and not explore the angles and levels of researching or studying a thing.

Despite though all the knowledge that is gained its the hope that's its used for our highest good as a people. Not to be a know it all or seek attention because of that great encyclopedia of knowledge you carry around in your head.

The goal should be really is to share knowledge without the gloating or the belittling and put down of others because you have obtained knowledge that others may not have come across yet.

It is important that we share things in a personal yet collective way, to be a way pointer.

Have found over the years that the best approach is to just present something, then allow others to come to their own conclusions they will still have their own minds.