Why Are Black Conservatives Called Uncle Tom?—Larry Elder Talks George Floyd Protests & New Film


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1:23 New “Uncle Tom” documentary
10:53 Stats don’t show systemic police racism
14:30 Why police body cams are a good idea
28:12 The rise of “revenge culture”
38:39 Affirmative action is condescending?
44:03 Issues in the Black Lives Matter movement

Are police actually using deadly force disproportionately against black people? And how does the focus on police overshadow other monumental problems facing black America today?

Why is believing that, black lives matter, not the same as supporting the Black Lives Matter organization?

And, why are black conservatives often excluded from mainstream public awareness and discourse?

In this episode, we sit down again with radio talk show personality and bestselling author Larry Elder, who hosts The Larry Elder Show for The Epoch Times. He is the executive producer of the new documentary “Uncle Tom.”

This is American Thought Leaders ????????, and I’m Jan Jekielek.

#georgefloyd #blacklivesmatter #racism

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