The Time Has Come | 1964–1966 (America's Civil Rights Movement)


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The Time Has Come (1964-1966) Introduces the early 1960s African American community outside the southern-based freedom movement. It describes the rise and transformation of Malcolm X and his.

Eyes on the Prize.

(Part 13) The Keys to the Kingdom 1974–1980.

(Part 9) Power! 1967–1968 chronicles the election of Carl Stokes as the mayor of Cleveland and the first African American to become mayor of a major U.S. city. The film also covers the formation.

(Part 14) Back to the Movement 1979–1983 chronicles the Miami riot of 1980 and the election of Harold Washington as the first African-American mayor of Chicago. The film finishes with an.
The Sixties : Episode 10: A Long March To Freedom (1960-1968)

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