The Science of Spying (1965) | Cold War TV Documentary


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This film presents an account of Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) activities that had previously been covert, including actions in Iran, Vietnam, Laos, the Congo, Cuba, and Guatemala. The film includes interviews with CIA director Allen Dulles and Dick Bissel.
From National Archives.
As described in the book,
Into the Fray: How NBC's Washington Documentary Unit Reinvented the News By Tom Mascaro

The Science of Spying, marked the arrival of Bob Rogers as a field reporter-producer. The program aired May 4, 1965, and tracked the roots of U.S. covert operations back to the 1950s, providing a stark account of clandestine initiatives in a time before public disclosures, congressional investigations, and Hollywood movies made the 1970s a difficult time to be an American spy. The "Pentagon Papers, the Pike and Church Committees, and thrillers such as Three Days of the Condor eventually revealed the CIA's complicity in assassination plots and interna-tional meddling, which Yates and Rogers had already seen up close. NBC management stood firm when The Science of Spying attracted criti-cism. Ad reps from Batten, Barton, Durstine Osborn (BBDO) screened it and advised their client B. F. Goodrich Company to withdraw.31 BBDO issued a statement saying the program violated the Goodrich advertising policy in that it treats a controversial public issue in a way which may do harm to the government of the United States? NBC countered that the documentary "fell within the broad outlines of the program policy origi-nally submitted to and accepted by the B. F. Goodrich agency, BBDO.33 The CIA watched the program and tracked subsequent reactions in the national press. Viewers wrote to President Johnson complaining NBC News had given America's enemies negative propaganda.34 Yates may have antici-pated some adverse reactions to the program, but he never expected to be frightened by what he discovered.

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