The Birth Of Good Times James Evans, Formerly Know As Henry Evans!


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Maude Season 1 Episode 18 Florida's Problem
February 13, 1973

Florida's husband demands that she stop working for white people and quit her job with the Findlays, but Florida doesn't want to.

In the storyline of Maude, Florida's husband Henry receives a promotion at his job, and she quits to be a full-time housewife there in Tuckahoe, NY. While Maude took place in New York, the setting for Good Times was moved Chicago, with numerous other differences in Florida's situation, such as her husband being called James Evans - 'Henry' becoming the name of James's long lost father on Good Times (he would be played in three episodes of the series by Richard Ward).

The history of the Evans family having lived in Tuckahoe on Maude was completely ignored, as it was rewritten for the Good Times series as having the Evans family having lived in various housing projects in the near west Chicago area for 20 years, and James having been a sixth grade dropout, whose area of expertise was as a mechanic, as well as some loading dock experience, instead of having been a firefighter as Henry, who also presumably graduated high school, was on Maude, and having had worked a series of jobs, when he wasn't forced to go on welfare at times when unemployed and between jobs.

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