Outtakes From Tuskegee Trains Airmen (full)


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Freely downloadable at the Internet Archive, where I first uploaded it. National Archives description: "Outtakes: From instructional film on aviation training at Tuskegee Institute, Alabama. R.1: Negro instructor and student inspect and discuss Piper Cub training plane. They demonstrate how parts operate. Student makes solo flight; instructor watches anxiously, then smiles as pilot lands smoothly. R.2: Instructor and student discuss and demonstrate plane. Student taxies plane toward and past camera. Plane maneuvers in air. R.3: Shots of plane in flight and interior of plane as pilot operates controls, including throttle and rudders R.4: Instructor and student talk at plane; student makes solo flight. Classroom instruction for pilots, using cloud charts and maps. Cadets march on campus. R.5: Piper Cub stunt-flying; clouds. Instructor and students discuss planes on field. Student in Cockpit; he taxies away. R.6: Student works with map and flight chart; another student pilot in Lysander training plane, operates dials and controls. Instructor and students discuss Cessna plane. Lysander takes off and lands. R.7: Close-ups of students hand operating the throttle and rudders. He takes off. Montage of campus, agriculture classes, dairy farming, carpentry and medical students. Nursing student massages baby's paralyzed leg. John A. Andrew Memorial Hospital on campus. Physical therapy for infantile paralysis victims." National Archives Identifier 94990

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