East St. Louis Race War - Full Documentary | Never Been a Time


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The documentary Never Been a Time explores the causes and the legacy of the worse civilian instigates massacre in American history. In 1917, the 3-days of mob-violence in East St Louis was labeled a ‘race riot.’ Today we question and analyze this coded language with historical evidence and spoken-word.


Dr. Charles Lumpkins, Alderman Terry Kennedy, Dhati Majaliwa Kennedy

Circuit Judge Milton S. Wharton, Father Joseph A. Brown, Dr. Eugene B. Redmond, Dr. Andrea S. Boyles, Dr. Andrew J. Theising, Harper Barnes and Reginald E. Petty.

Spoken Word Artists:

Jason N. Vasser, David A. Jackson, Celillianne Green, Kathryn A. Gordon, Waheeed Adbul Muhamin and Cindy “Just Cindy” Reed

Original Music:

Keith Witty

Based on the Book:
“American Pogrom: The East St. Louis Race Riot and Black Politics”
by Charles L. Lumpkins - 2008

Director / Producer:

Denise Ward-Brown


Michael D. Francis
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