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Mr. Civil Rights: The Rise and Fall of Adam Clayton Powell, ... 0    0

Adam Clayton Powell, Jr. (November 29, 1908 -- April 4, 1972) was an American politician and pastor who represented Harlem, New York City, in the United States House of Representatives (1945--71). Abo...

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Blacks Are Not The Only Gangs In Chicago, Other Nationalitie... 0    0

Gangs and gangsters are not only in Chicago. Yes, Chicago has a lot of violence in the city,but it is not the only city that has a problem with gangs and violence. When the news and different media sh...

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Harriet Tubman: They called her Moses (2018) | Full Movie | ... 0    0

Discover the real Harriet Tubman in this compelling documentary narrated by Alfrelynn Roberts and featuring expert interviews with leading scholars, including Dr. Eric Lewis Williams of the Smithsonia...

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Gravitas Plus: The race for Africa 0    0

Gravitas Plus: The race for Africa Africa has become the battlefield for global powers. China, India, US, EU, Israel are fighting it out in the continent. Who is winning? and What's it in for Afric...

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African American Responses to Immigration Restriction and De... 0    0

This Race and Difference Colloquium (March 27, 2017) focuses on African American responses to and discourses around immigration restriction and deportation during the early 20th century. Too often, sc...

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Million Dollar Slaves {DOCUMENTARY} (NFL NBA NCAA All Expose... 0    0

This piece right here is a Documentary Exposing what really goes on in and behind the scenes of the Sports World. ENJOY!!!! Donate -$AntwanAzhar

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The Gay Fashion Agenda (HIP HOP DOCUMENTARY) 0    0

Documentary "The Gay Fashion Agenda" Donate -$AntwanAzhar

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The Homosexuals (CBS Reports episode) 0    0

"The Homosexuals" is a 1967 episode of the documentary television series CBS Reports. The hour-long broadcast featured a discussion of a number of topics related to h...

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Love and sex in the internet age | DW Documentary 0    0

The singles market is big and online dating businesses are booming. Digitalization seems to make finding the perfect mate simple. All it takes is a pair of clicks and you're in the "d...

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Donate To The Channel:$hezakyanewz# PATREON: Tawana Glenda Brawley (born 1972) is an African-American woman fr...

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Donate To The Channel:$hezakyanewz# PATREON: Procuring or pandering is the facilitation or provision of a pros...

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Sex for Grades: undercover inside Nigerian and Ghanaian univ... 0    0

Universities in Nigeria and Ghana have been plagued by stories of sexual harassment by lecturers and professors for decades. Allegations include a wide array of abuses, from blackmailing students for ...

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More Than A Bullet ( Chicago SouthSide Documentary) 0    0

More Than A Bullet is a documentary that focuses on life in high crime areas on the south side of Chicago. MTAB sheds light on the city in a way we don't usually see in the media. Created &am...

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Imported for my body: The African women trafficked to India ... 0    0

BBC Africa Eye uncovered an illegal network that lures women to India from Africa, where they are then forced into sex work to satisfy the demands of the many African men living in Delhi. The women...

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