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Sally Hemings (2000) | Documentary 0    0

Cable TV biography of Sally Hemings, Thomas Jefferson's slave with whom he bore six children. Shared for historical purposes. I do not own the rights. ##### Sarah "Sally&a...

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Mr. Civil Rights: The Rise and Fall of Adam Clayton Powell, ... 0    0

Adam Clayton Powell, Jr. (November 29, 1908 -- April 4, 1972) was an American politician and pastor who represented Harlem, New York City, in the United States House of Representatives (1945--71). Abo...

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Death is Our Business (full documentary) | FRONTLINE 0    0

How Black-owned funeral homes in New Orleans have navigated the coronavirus pandemic and its racially disproportionate toll. A co-production between FRONTLINE, Firelight Media and WORLD Channel. Th...

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Black on Black (1968; journalism professor Joe Saltzman) 0    0

Black on Black has been hailed for its pioneering effort to capture the voices and experiences of black America during one of the most volatile times in the nation's history.

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Islam in America - BBC Documentary 0    0

A look at how prison populations all over the country are being converted to Islam, and the actions of the radical sect Nation of Islam which preaches that Allah will destroy America. This documen...

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Driving While Black 0    0

Gretchen Sorin, director of the Cooperstown Graduate Program of the State University of New York and author of Driving While Black: African-American Travel and the Road to Civil Rights; director Ric B...

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Driving While Black: Race, Space and Mobility in America 0    0

Program date: February 18, 2021  Bernard and Irene Schwartz Distinguished Speakers Series Gretchen Sorin, Craig Steven Wilder, Ric Burns (moderator) Presented in conjunction with the documentary...

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Ralph Ellison: Invisible Man, Celebrated Writer | Black Hist... 0    0

In writing INVISIBLE MAN in the late 1940s, Ralph Ellison brought onto the scene a new kind of black protagonist, one at odds with the characters of the leading black novelist at the time, Richard Wri...

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United States Color Troops; Blacks who fought in the Civil W... 0    0

A documentary on the lives and stories of African-American soldiers who fought during the Civil War, both the United States Colored Troops for the Union and the rarely discussed slaves who fought for ...

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African Americans In WW2 : Segregation, Discrimination and H... 0    0

A public domain video. This documentary contains extensive film footage of African-Americans fighting in World War II in D-Day, the Battle of the Bulge, Italy, and the Pacific. Numerous interviews ...

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African Americans in World War 2, Full Documentary 0    0

African Americans in World War 2, Full documentary documentary on the story of African American soldiers in World War 2. Watch movies at

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The menacing drumbeat of child abductions, mostly of young African-American boys, shook a city that was emerging at the time as a progressive black mecca. Gripped by fear, anxiety and helplessness, pa...

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The True Story of Mississippi Burning | 0    0

The FBI investigates the nationally known case of the 1964 murders of three civil rights workers in Philadelphia Mississippi amid the tension of the civil rights movement. The FBI files are real FBI ...

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