James Baldwin - Take This Hammer (1964) 0    0

Author James Baldwin is taken on a tour of San Francisco by Orville Luster, Executive Director of Youth for Service. The tour takes them through the Hunters Point area, San Francisco's so-called &...

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All My Babies 0    0

For more information and to download this film, please visit Written and directed by George Stoney, this landmark educational film was used to educate midwives...

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The FBI's War on Black America (1990) 0    0

The FBI's War on Black America looks at a dark period in our country's history. The film is a documentary exploration of the lives and deaths of people targeted by the US government's COINTELPRO progr...

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The History of Civil Rights In The USA - Awakenings, 1954 19... 0    0

The reality of Jim Crow/Black codes law on the everyday life of the African American. Remember, pressure makes Diamonds.

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The Hate That Hate Produced (1959) | Malcom X First TV Appea... 0    0

The Hate That Hate Produced is a television documentary about Black Nationalism in America, focusing on the Nation of Islam and, to a lesser extent, the United African Nationalist Movement. It was pro...

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Black Hollywood (1984) 0    0

Shot entirely on location in Hollywood in 1984, this feature documentary explores the role of black actors, black directors and the black audience in American movies. Remember the early 80s: hip hop h...

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To Be Popular or Smart: The Black Peer Group (1988) | Dr. Ja... 0    0

Video Lecture/ Companion to the million selling book by Dr. Jawanza Kunjufu, author of Countering The Conspiracy to destroy Black Boys. All of Dr. Kunjufu's books and videos are available for purchase...

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African Americans in World War 2 | Struggle Against Segregat... 0    0

● Please SUPPORT my work on Patreon: ● Visit my 2ND CHANNEL: ►Facebook: ►Twitter: ►Google+: ht...

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America's Journey Through Slavery Judgment Day (Full Documen... 0    0

Africans in America: America's Journey through Slavery, is a four-part documentary that originally aired on PBS in October 1998. It traces the history of African . As tensions over slavery turn int...

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George Washington Carver: An Uncommon Life 0    0

While George Washington Carver's rise from slavery to scientific accomplishment has inspired millions, time has reduced him to the man who did something with peanuts. This documentary uncovers Carver'...

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