Black Brigade (1970) - Full Length Classic Movie, Richard P... 0    0

Black Brigade (1970) - Full Length Classic Movie A unit of African American soldiers with a white commander is tasked with taking out an important bridge in World War II . This movie is also known a...

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The Great White Hope 1970 0    0

James Earl Jones stars as Jack Johnson the first African American Heavyweight Champion of the world.

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The True History Of Britain's Horrifying Role In Slavery | B... 0    0

The Old Corruption challenges the accepted version of the history of abolition, that the passive, suffering slaves were freed by benevolent white crusaders, revealing the corruption of the plantations...

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Soundies: Black Music from the 1940s 0    0

From Internet Archives: 0:12:13 Delta Rhythm Boys in Take the 'A' Train (1941). 0:14:46 Fats Waller in Your Feet's Too Big (1941). 0:17:45 Count Basie Orchestra in "Take Me Back, B...

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Together Brothers (1974 Film) | Blaxploitation | 0    0

NOTE: "Fair Use" | Copyright disclaimer under section 107 of the Copyright Act of 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purpos...

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Swing! (1938) - Oscar Micheaux Film 0    0

Mandy Jenkins, an African American cook for a wealthy white family in Birmingham, Alabama, discovers her husband Cornell is having an affair with Eloise Jackson. When she confronts her husband and Elo...

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Slavery: A Global Investigation (Modern Slavery Documentary)... 0    0

Slavery is officially banned internationally by all countries, yet despite this, in the world today there are more slaves now than ever before. In the four hundred years of the slave trade around 13 m...

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Africa to America: The Odyssey of Slavery 0    0

On Aug. 22, the Voice of America and Norfolk State University hosted an international town hall to discuss the 400th anniversary of the first Africans' landing in North America. Originally published ...

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When white supremacists overthrew a government 0    0

The hidden history of an American coup. Help our reporting on hidden histories. Submit a story idea here: Correction at 7:23: Cynthia's ancestors lived in Wilmington, not h...

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The History Of The Gullah: From Africa To America | Circle U... 0    0

75% of all enslaved Africans coming to America came in through Beaufort and the sea islands of South Carolina. This beautiful and picturesque tourist destination, by its unique history is the epicente...

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Jeff Fort & El Rukn | Nathson Fields, Chicago Corruption... 0    0

Part 1: Part 2: Part 2 of my Jeff Fort story was going to be about Fort and other El Rukn becoming the first American citizen...

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Facing Eviction (full documentary) 0    0

Why have American families struggled to keep their homes during the COVID pandemic, despite a federal eviction moratorium? We investigate in a new documentary with Retro Report. This journalism is ...

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