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When on the edge of homelessness who can you turn to?


My Mother just passed away October 27 2022 She died peacefully at home under hospice care which was glad to be able to take care of her, the last two years been pretty rough She had to have cataract and glaucoma, surgery earlier this year then after was diagnosed with liver Cancer.

Last year was working for an Employer who refused to pay timely and fair wages as per our agreement on commission so had to leave. My Mother of course was on assistance and my income of a part time job after the other job lost helped to cover basic needs.

Now with her no longer around all expenses fall on me which is the way it is.

Yet because of the timing of her passing and funeral expenses coming up am not sure will be able to cover everything on the regular.

Unfortunately also last year the insurance company life insurance company dropped my moms insurance because of age so it seems,

This is of course overwhelming and diffidently in a difficult situation It was just her and me so I was here primary care giver. Only Brother passed a way years ago.

The other issue since the lease is under my moms name not sure what decision management is going to make which is a big concern another issue.

I have been on Twitter for a while and have attempted to establish useful websites over the years. Its not easy to ask for help but I really need it.

So am asking for you for your support until able to stabilize this situation. If you can help support Blackdocumntaries.net it will be a real great help and also give peace of mind.

I have so many other projects in the works and will share with you as time goes on and am sure they will be of use moving forward as a people.

One thing about Black empowerment is to be able to be in a position to help each other in need,

This is a need. I really hate to ask it’s that pride thing but on the real I don’t know what else to do.

The goal is once able to cover basic needs rent utilities food etc of course will pay it forward because this is the way it should be. As a people we should be each others refuge at least to the best of our ability.

The one thing don’t want to do be is a burden to anyone and of course to not be in the streets and winter is coming, yet am here at a cross road.

So in conclusion It will be a big help if you will support this website.

 Click on link below: Just need some breathing room without the worry of being in the streets.




Much appreciation and respect

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The one thing about the quest for knowledge is that one begin to slow down in that search and recognize within self the hum of connections or connected.

Since we all learn differently some ways of learning is more attractive to others a gravitation a pulling. Unfortunately sometimes with that gravitation some of us become stuck. Become one track minded and mind begin to close because only want to think one way and not explore the angles and levels of researching or studying a thing.

Despite though all the knowledge that is gained its the hope that's its used for our highest good as a people. Not to be a know it all or seek attention because of that great encyclopedia of knowledge you carry around in your head.

The goal should be really is to share knowledge without the gloating or the belittling and put down of others because you have obtained knowledge that others may not have come across yet.

It is important that we share things in a personal yet collective way, to be a way pointer.

Have found over the years that the best approach is to just present something, then allow others to come to their own conclusions they will still have their own minds.


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