A Conversation With Ilyasah Shabazz 0    0

A conversation with Ilyasah Shabazz, the esteemed daughter of Malcolm X and Dr. Betty Shabazz. Ilyasah Shabazz speaks with Vincent Intondi on Education, Activism and The Legacy of Malcolm X

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Two Black Men A Week 0    0

Some statistics are spine-chilling: in the USA, a young black man is 21 times more likely to be killed by the police than a young white man. Every week, two black people will be shot by the police. So...

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12 Angry Men: A Conversation on Being a Black Man in America 0    0

From Ferguson to Chicago, recent high-profile cases of police abuse and racial profiling have sparked waves of protests and captured headlines. But generations of African-American men know these injus...

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American Negro | Unreleased Documentary From 1960s 0    0

From The US Archives. Assumed Public Domain. In the case of an early 1960s United States Information Agency (USIA) film with the working title of The American Negro, NARA received a mish-mash of e...

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The New Jim Crow Museum 0    0

Tour the Jim Crow museum with founder and curator, Dr. David Pilgrim. Dr. Pilgrim discusses some of the major themes of the Jim Crow Museum. Jim Crow was not just a character or a set of laws it wa...

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Racism: A History Full Documentary 0    0

Racism: A History is a three-part British documentary series originally broadcast on BBC Four in March 2007. It was part of the season of programmes broadcast on the BBC marking the 200th anniversary ...

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An African-American couple searching for a new house has difficulty finding willing sellers in New Jersey. Shows test cases and a Columbia University research experiment on attitudes of white home ...

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Who Was The Real Fidel Castro? | Secrets Of War | Timeline 0    0

From CIA assassination attempts foiled by Cuban Intelligence agents to Castro's secret pacts with the Soviets and his survival after the Cold War, a look at one of the most enduring revolutionaries of...

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Maafa 21 - Black Genocide in 21st Century America - full doc... 0    0

"Maafa21: Black Genocide in 21st Century America," is a documentary film produced by Life Dynamics Inc. that reveals how eugenics and population control has systemat...

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Countering The Conspiracy to Destroy Black Boys (1987) | Dr.... 0    0

Classic video companion to the million selling book series by Jawanza Kunjufu is still relevant 3 decades later. Presented for historical purposes. Find all of Mr. Kunjufu's books, audio and videos ...

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Passion and Memory (1986) | Rare Black Film Documentary 0    0

Passion and Memory is a 1 hour television documentary based on Donald Bogles seminal book on Black film, Toms, Coons, Mulattoes, Mammies, and Bucks: An Interpretive History of Blacks in American Films...

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Henry Browne, farmer 1    0

Henry Browne, an African American farmer, and his family are profiled in this film. The important job of a farmer during times of war is highlighted, specifically his efforts growing peanuts and cotto...

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