Booker T. Washington: The Life and the Legacy (1986 Film) 0    0

A public domain video Through narration and re-enactment this film traces Washington, a prominent African American, and the founding of Tuskegee Institute which was established to educated newly fr...

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Ferguson: Life Matters (RT Documentary) 0    0

RTD goes to the town of Ferguson, Missouri, USA, to find out more about the issues that fuelled mass protests and unrest after 18-year old Michael Brown was shot dead by a police officer. His tragic d...

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Black in the 80s pt. 3 Color TV - The Best Documentary Ever!... 0    0

Black in the 80s (2017) Special “Black in the 80s” is a three-part s exploring and celebrating the achievements and advancements African-Americans made

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Great Zimbabwe & The First Cities of Southern Africa // ... 0    0

Sponsored by MagellanTV - a new streaming service with 2,000+ documentaries worth watching. MagellanTV has extended an exclusive offer to History Time's viewers: Visit this link below to receive a one...

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The New Scramble for Africa | Empire 0    0

Decades after the European powers carved up the African continent for their own imperial needs, Africa is undergoing a new wave of resource and strategic exploitation – some are calling it the new s...

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The Lost Tribes Of The Bible (Religious Documentary) | Timel... 0    0

The mystery of the lost tribes of Israel reverberates through three millennia of human experience. Of the twelve tribes mentioned in the Bible, only those of Judah and Benjamin survived the Assyrian c...

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Streets of Compton (Part 1) | Full Documentary | A&E 0    0

In Part 1 of Streets of Compton, Superstar rapper, The Game, brings us unprecedented access to the streets of his hometown revealing how a city overrun by violence became a cultural powerhouse and spa...

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The Real Malcolm X (1992) | Betty Shabazz Dick Gregory Dan ... 0    0

"CBS News announced it would examine the myths and facts of Malcolm X in a news special, "Malcolm X: The Real Story," to be broadcast Thursday, Dec. ...

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Black Natchez is about a genteel Southern town and two bombings a year and a half apart. The first bombing in August 1965 injured local NAACP president George Metcalfe. The second on February 27, 1967...

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There is discrimination against black servicemen both on and off US military bases overseas, this month's Black Journal program concludes. Filmed on location in Vietnam, black servicemen are interview...

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Body and Soul: Body (1968) | African-Americans in Sports 0    0

Body and Soul, Part I: Body (1968) An examination of the Black American's contribution to sports in America is reported by Harry Reasoner. Harry Edwards, leader of those who threatened an Olympic G...

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The Racial Wealth Gap and Banking (+ the USPS) | LET’S CON... 0    0

Banks across the country are closing branches – often in Black and Brown communities. And if you don’t have access to a bank, you’re left with costly alternatives like check cashing and payday l...

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African Americans and the War | Looking Over Jordan | NPT 0    0

The Civil War began as a means of preserving the Union. But to nearly four million African Americans, it held a much more personal promise. As Northern armies swept south, self-emancipated sl...

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The Racist History Behind the U.S. Racial Wealth Gap | Doha ... 0    0

Generations of slavery, followed by predatory financial practices and housing discrimination, have stolen opportunities — and billions of dollars — from Black Americans and widened the U.S. racial...

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A 150-year-old bank failure may still be haunting Black comm... 0    0 | Established in 1865, the Freedman’s Savings and Trust Company, or Freedman’s Bank, gave tens of thousands of former slaves access to financial services for the first time...

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Black Wealth 2019 - Congressional Black Caucus 0    0

Despite a growing economy and low unemployment, there exists an ever-present racial income and wealth gap. To help answer this question, William Michael Cunningham joined Congressman Bobby L. Rush in ...

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Freedman's Bank | Black History in Two Minutes (or so) 0    0

Be Woke Presents Black History in Two Minutes (or so) In 1865, after the north won the Civil War, the government opened the Freedman’s Bank. This institution...

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Death is Our Business (full documentary) | FRONTLINE 0    0

How Black-owned funeral homes in New Orleans have navigated the coronavirus pandemic and its racially disproportionate toll. A co-production between FRONTLINE, Firelight Media and WORLD Channel. Th...

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