African American Newspapers in Genealogical Research 0    0

Family historian and lecturer Tim Pinnick, whose 25 years experience includes work in all the major U.S. repositories, explains how to find and effectively use African American newspapers in genealogi...

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Civil Rights Before Brown 0    0

This lecture covers African American responses to Jim Crow to ca. 1940, including meta-critiques from BT Washington, WEB Du Bois, and Marcus Garvey. Also discusses the turn toward integration as a str...

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Police and Black Lives - Black and Blue - A WRAL Documentar... 0    0

Around the country and here in North Carolina shootings of unarmed black men by police have alarmed citizens and exposed underlying tensions between law enforcement agencies and the African-America...

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Episode One - 2Pac ► Last 24 [His Final Hours] RARE 0    0

720p HD 2Pac ► Last 24 [His Final Hours] RARE 2Pac ► Last 24 [His Final Hours] RARE 2Pac ► Last 24 [His Final Hours] RARE I DO NOT OWN THE RIGHTS I JUST SHARE WHAT MOVES ME

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Malcolm Little joins the Nation of Islam believing that they had an army of militant Black men ready to fight their white oppressors only to discover years later that the organizations leader was quie...

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AFROPUNK: The Movie [FULL-LENGTH] 0    0

AFROPUNK - "The Rock and Roll Nigger Experience" was the original title for the movie before it was changed to what we know as today: AFROPUNK - The Documentary, a 66...

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Amos Wilson The True Meaning of Black Manhood 0    0

Some or all of the content of this video may not be original. It is intended solely for educational purposes.

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Black Paper on White Racism Part 2 (1971) 0    0

Continuing its analysis of institutional racism, Black Journal invites Dr. Alvin Poussaint, Dan Watts, and Imamu Amiri Baraka (LeRoi Jones) to discuss racism in terms of psychological development, cul...

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Fear of the black hat 0    0

A mockumentary chronicling the rise and fall of NWH, a not particularly talented--or particularly bright but always controversial--hip-hop group.

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Sally Hemings (2000) | Documentary 0    0

Cable TV biography of Sally Hemings, Thomas Jefferson's slave with whom he bore six children. Shared for historical purposes. I do not own the rights. ##### Sarah "Sally&a...

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Black History: Lost, Stolen or Strayed (1968) 0    0

Of Black America was a series of seven one-hour documentaries presented by CBS News in the summer of 1968, at the end of the Civil Rights Movement and during a time of racial unrest (Martin Luther Kin...

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Mr. Civil Rights: The Rise and Fall of Adam Clayton Powell, ... 0    0

Adam Clayton Powell, Jr. (November 29, 1908 -- April 4, 1972) was an American politician and pastor who represented Harlem, New York City, in the United States House of Representatives (1945--71). Abo...

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