The Journey of Luther Vandross (2001) EDITED 0    0

Made for cable TV documentary on the career of Luther Vandross. Features lots of rare clips and original interviews. Shared for historical purposes. I do not own the rights. Note some audio is mute...

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8 Minutes and 46 Seconds: The Killing of George Floyd | Full... 0    0

For 8 minutes and 46 seconds, George Floyd was pinned to the ground with a policeman’s knee on his neck. This documentary examines those terrible moments, the wave of global protest that followed...

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RIKERS An American Jail:By: Mr.Five Mualimm-ak w/Bill Moyers... 0    0

-Make a Tax Free Donation today! For Brighter Future Tomorrow ! --- to help us help so many. our productions and continued community work to end ma...

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Bitter chocolate | DW Documentary 0    0

Chocolate may be a sweet treat, but its production leaves a bitter taste. Rainforests are cleared so slaves and children laborers can harvest cocoa beans on illegal plantations. Cocoa is produced unde...

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Growing A New (Black) America: Investing In Black Communitie... 0    0

Thomas W. Dortch, Jr., President / CEO of TWD, Inc, and Earl G. “Butch”M Graves, Jr., President / CEO of Black Enterprise Magazine and Roland Martin discuss the notion of “Growing a New (Black) ...

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HISTORICAL FACTS ON THE PHYSICAL APPEARANCE: Each one of Jacob's sons became a tribal nation, that made up the greater nation of Israel. EXAMPLE: Reuben's descendants became known as the tribe o...

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Civil Rights Before Brown 0    0

This lecture covers African American responses to Jim Crow to ca. 1940, including meta-critiques from BT Washington, WEB Du Bois, and Marcus Garvey. Also discusses the turn toward integration as a str...

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White on black (Full Documentary) 0    0

For the western white man, Africa has represented the geography to house the universe of his darkest myths. No continent has been so foreign to him. His relationship with it has been superficial and c...

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United States Color Troops; Blacks who fought in the Civil W... 0    0

A documentary on the lives and stories of African-American soldiers who fought during the Civil War, both the United States Colored Troops for the Union and the rarely discussed slaves who fought for ...

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African Americans In WW2 : Segregation, Discrimination and H... 0    0

A public domain video. This documentary contains extensive film footage of African-Americans fighting in World War II in D-Day, the Battle of the Bulge, Italy, and the Pacific. Numerous interviews ...

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African Americans in World War 2, Full Documentary 0    0

African Americans in World War 2, Full Documentary Documentary on the story of African American soldiers in World War 2. Watch movies at

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CIA Mind Control Techniques MK-ULTRA Program Brainwashing 0    0

CIA Mind Control Techniques MK-ULTRA Program Brainwashing Mind control (also known as brainwashing, coercive persuasion, mind abuse, thought control, or thought reform) refers to a process in which...

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The menacing drumbeat of child abductions, mostly of young African-American boys, shook a city that was emerging at the time as a progressive black mecca. Gripped by fear, anxiety and helplessness, pa...

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The True Story of Mississippi Burning | 0    0

The FBI investigates the nationally known case of the 1964 murders of three civil rights workers in Philadelphia Mississippi amid the tension of the civil rights movement. The FBI files are real FBI ...

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Slavery by Another Name 0    0

Slavery by Another Name is a 90-minute documentary that challenges one of Americans’ most cherished assumptions: the belief that slavery in this country ended with the Emancipation Proclamation.

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